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OS for DAOs

An operating system for decentralized autonomous organizations

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are becoming more and more popular thanks to cryptocurrencies. While these decentralized organizations thrive, they need an operating system (OS) to manage their resources better. At 🦄 Unicorn Team, we help decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) develop their infrastructure by serving as a software development agency.

Does your DAO have an operating system? This blog post will explore what DAO infrastructure looks like and why it is necessary to maximize revenue, increase reach, and minimize risks.

We provide DAOs with infrastructural tools to run an effective ecosystem.

We live in the crypto era of the DAO. DAOs are companies that run without any human intervention, using smart contracts on a blockchain instead. DAOs mark the beginning of the decentralization movement, where power is distributed among peers rather than concentrated in the hands of centralized authorities.

The problem with today's DAOs is that they are still operating under old paradigms where individual interaction is necessary to keep things running. The vision of DAOs is to enable efficient collaboration among peers to achieve shared goals, but current implementations require each participant to perform tasks manually.

This results in two main issues:

  • Increasing costs and complexity of running a DAO

  • Reduces the ability to scale by adding more participants due to lack of automation

By providing infrastructure tools for DAO management, we enable efficient collaboration between peers. Where possible, we delegate tasks to bots or AI so DAOs can increase efficiency. At the same time, this creates an opportunity for people who can program bots/AI to participate in profitable projects without needing to know anything about the specific business processes. Where possible, we consider oracles to enable DAOs to communicate with third-party APIs.

At 🦄 Unicorn Team, we believe that DAO infrastructure will expand opportunities for everyone involved and lead us to collective intelligence by combining the efforts of humans and machines.

We'll develop smart contract libraries to help the ecosystem standardize around common patterns.

The best way to enable increased productivity and increased automation are through increased standards and interoperability. We're still in the early days, and there's a lot of low-hanging fruit we can pick in this area.

An excellent example of the kind of thing we should be building is an OS for DAOs. Do you want to build a DAO? You'll need some essential services: identity, messaging, payments, storage, analytics, and so on. Those services will need to interact with each other in specific ways. The DAO will also need a few higher-level services: rules engine, reputation system, conflict resolution system, etc. Those will need to interact with each other in specific ways.

If you're a developer using a DAO framework (DAOstack, Aragon, DAOhaus) or programming language (Ethereum, Solidity, Go), you'll want all that stuff already built into it. But what if you need additional support? Reach out to the Unicorn Team.

We'll build data visualization tools to collect actionable feedback.

The people running a DAO need to understand what's going on as well as possible. They need to know if it is delivering value, and if not, why not, and they need to be able to correct course whenever necessary. All this means that they need a lot of information about what the DAO is doing.

Most DAOs will need to build additional tools to collect feedback from their community and token holders. The sources for this information could be many: user-facing applications, internal metrics, oracles, and so on. There must be a simple way to gather data generated by these disparate sources into a single place to be visualized and analyzed.

We'll build data visualization and analysis tools that will allow anyone using a DAO to see what its constituent parts are doing and how well they are doing it. The purpose of visualization tools is to create a feedback loop that lets the DAO test ideas and iterate quickly toward success.

We're the OS for new DAOs.

A DAO to succeed requires a platform that will enable other decentralized applications (DApps) to run on top of it. Just as there are multiple DAOs available, there will be multiple operating systems available as well.

The OS for DAOs provides an abstraction layer where developers can build applications without running their blockchain nodes. In the same way, the OS for DAOs abstracts out the underlying blockchain framework and provides core services such as identity management, transaction management, consensus management, and others. DAO infrastructure also includes payroll, expenses, token distribution, and human resource management.

We are bringing some serious muscle into the crypto industry.

Our team serves the crypto community so DAOs can develop their decentralized applications (dApps). We are starting by reinventing the user experience of interacting with smart contracts. Users who want to interact with a smart contract should do so through an intuitive interface, where they can see and understand what is happening.

That's why we're building the 🦄 Unicorn Team: to give DAOs everything they need to run an effective ecosystem. Our goal is to empower people across the world to quickly and securely manage their decentralized organizations. The 🦄 Unicorn Team will act as your decentralized partner in creating a new form of wealth.