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Launch Your Own Product

🦄 Unicorn is a token-driven product team.

We partner with decentralized autonomous organizations to launch decentralized marketplaces, auction houses, exchanges, platforms, and applications.

We offer various token-driven services

Our Services

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Token Design & Tokenomics

Tokenomics is the science of the token economy. It covers all aspects involving the creation, distribution, management (governance), and removal (burning) of tokens. At 🦄, we help you and your DAO design their own token economics.

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Web3 Design & Development

Interested to launch your own decentralized marketplace, decentralized auction house, decentralized exchange (DEX), decentralized platform, or decentralized application (DApp)? With 🦄, we will help you and your DAO accomplish exactly this!

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Smart Contract Development

🦄 provides smart contract development services. We have a team of highly experienced Solidity, Cadence, JavaScript, GoLang, and Vyper developers who are experts in blockchain technologies.


Custom Service

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Three reasons why DAOs work with us

Our Benefits

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Building a marketplace, auction house, exchange, platform, or application is hard.

It’s not just the building. There are many other challenges that come with running this type of business, including legal and regulatory compliances, technology stack design, cyber-security, app store approvals… And more.

We help DAOs and crypto founders launch their own platforms to benefit from the same technology that is used for the most successful decentralized applications—Ethereum and IPFS on the backend with React on the frontend.

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Managing DAOs or token-driven projects is difficult. It requires time, money, and a lot of technical experience.

The decentralized world is going up fast and it’s leaving you behind?

🦄 is a team of blockchain experts. We take the time and work with you to build your very own DAO products.

DAOs and crypto founders get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of technology and their multiple needs.

Whether you realize it or not, your team is already drowning in complex solutions that don’t make your complex problems simple.

We make marketing easy, blockchain application development accessible, and product design affordable. Our mission is to be a one-stop-shop for DAO services, security audits, token creation, and more.

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Slava Kurilyak

“We help DAOs define their own tokenomics, launch their own products, and maximize their token-holder value.”

Slava Kurilyak, Co-Founder at 🦄

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OS for DAOs

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are becoming more and more popular thanks to cryptocurrencies. While these decentralized organizations thrive, they need an operating system (OS) to manage their resources better.

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General ·

Tokenomics 101

There is an increased interest in token economics, or tokenomics, which explores the use of cryptocurrencies. Crypto coins or tokens allow greater financial transparency, control resources, and unlock infinite use cases for decentralized organizations.

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